The Importance of Real Estate Yard Signs

Real estate marketing has changed a lot over the years, largely because of the Internet. But one of the oldest forms of home marketing is still one of the best � the real estate yard sign! SignWiz knows the reason why signs work so well� it has to do with simplicity and custom. It's customary to place a real estate sign in the yard when promoting a property, so potential home buyers keep an eye out for them. Signs are cost effective and one of the simplest forms of real estate marketing.

Ordering Street Smart Real Estate Signs Online

Instead of making yard signs obsolete, the Internet has just made them a lot easier to obtain. These days, you can order your real estate signs online, have them printed and shipped to your doorstep. It's the essence of convenience and simplicity.

When you combine the convenience of the Internet with the effectiveness of yard signs as a property marketing tool, you have a double-win. Real estate signs are effective and easy to use, and ordering them online through Street Smart SignWiz is easy and efficient. It certainly beats the old way of doing things.

8 Ways to Get More Mileage from your
Real Estate Signs

The yard sign can be one of the most effective advertising methods you have in your arsenal. To make yours as effective as possible, you need to create great looking signs that attract attention and stand out from the crowd. Follow these tips to get the most out of your real estate signs in today's evolving marketplace.

1)    Use borders to direct their eyes to the information� Using borders on your real estate yard signs will focus the reader's attention toward the information that you want them to remember.

2)    Choose the right color combination� Use at least two colors other than white on your real estate for sale signs to make a strong impact on your potential buyers. Choose strong colors that are engaging, yet pleasing to the eyes. Coordinate the colors on your real estate yard signs to those on your brochures and flyers. This will provide synergy and brand consistency between your marketing collateral, improving its effectiveness.

3)    Use eye-catching graphics� A bold, recognizable logo or professional photo makes your �for sale� sign more memorable and gives potential buyers a point of recall.

4)    Make your sign unique� The Street Smart SignWiz designed real estate signs will add professionalism to your properties. With SignWiz trademarked sign designs, you can easily order your real estate signs that match the rest of your business. Use custom sign riders to emphasize points of interest about your properties.

5)    Make the most of your sign frames� Metal sign frames give your properties a high quality appearance that reflects positively on your business. Attach a brochure box to your sign frame to provide potential buyers with additional information such as square footage, listing price, and a list of amenities.

6)    Establish an Internet presence� According to the California Association of Realtors, 92% of Internet buyers found their home on a website. Street Smart has already designed buying and selling websites to easily create a web presence for your company reflecting the programs you offer.  Call 1-800-578-8580 to set up yours today. Remember to include your web address on your for sale signs, allowing potential buyers and drive by traffic to access comprehensive information about you, your properties and your program at their convenience.

7)    Verify your local sign laws� Municipalities and homeowners associates often restrict signage� most will give you a warning first before they impose a fine. You may be only allowed to place a sign in the yard of the property.  Some even restrict that.  You may want to verify that if you do place a sign, no fine will be imposed until after a warning has been issued.

8)  How To Put Up Your Signs...

How-To Build Your Own Sign Stapler in about 5 Minutes

9)  Vehicle Wraps - Your Rolling Billboard... Credibility is critical to getting good deals in real estate. When prospects see your wrapped vehicle it gives your company a competitive edge. Also they are more likely to engage your services than through traditional advertising exposure.

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Final thought: Although signs are cumbersome and must often be replaced, they are extremely effective and are highly recommended to get your properties moved quickly.

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