Build a Sign Stapler?

A How-To guide to build your own sign stapler… in just five easy steps!

One of the best ways to market for motivated sellers is to use bandit signs. You may have heard about a sign stapling device, used primarily for easily putting up bandit signs. It's a great idea, but when you see the price, roughly $130, you might re-think the idea. But if you could build one yourself and apply the savings toward the actual signs, hence this How-To article.

Without Further Ado…

Alright, here we go. Below is the list of items you'll need, most which can be readily found at your local hardware store, along with the individual prices and all the tools needed to complete the job:

Supplies Needed

1 - 1½” diameter X 5’ long ABS or PVC plastic pipe – $4.26
1 - Arrow Fastener HT50P Heavy Duty Hammer Tacker  – $28.97 (
1 - 1½” to 1¼” Rubber DRN Connector – $4.24
1 - Aluminum - Flat  ⅛” x 1¼” x 3’ – $8.56
2 - #28 Clamps – $2.17
1 box of Arrow #508 T50 ½” staples, 1250 count – $2.97

Note: Above price are subject to change - depending on where you purchase your supplies


Tools Needed

1.  Medium-Sized Flat Head Screwdriver

2.  That's it... no, really icon wink How To Build a Sign Stapler in 5 Steps


The 5-step Process


Step 1.   The first step is to… load the staples in the stapler! Sounds simple, but once you have the handle of the stapler in the pipe, it’s impossible to load the staples.

Step 2.   Attach the 1½” side of the DRN connector to the top of the ABS pipe, verifying that the rubber stop inside in the middle is flush with end of the pipe; tighten the clamp on the bottom of the DRN.

Step 3.   Insert the HT50P stapler handle into the 1¼” end of the DRN, making yellow grip on the handle disappear into the pipe; align the clamps with tightening mechanisms to the back of the stapler then tighten the top clamp on the DRN connector.

Step 4.   Put both #28 clamps over the outside of the pipe from the bottom and slide them toward the top.

Step 5.   Insert the Aluminum-Flat into the two #28 clamps, lined up with the face of the HT50P and about 1” under where the staples come out; tighten one clamp at the bottom of the aluminum flat and one about 12” down from the top of the aluminum piece. This is what will hold your sign while you place the first staple.

Optional Step.   Cut the opposite end of the ABS plastic pipe at an angle so it can be used to pry your signs off at a later date.


And that’s it! You’re done. Total time to assemble should be about 5 minutes once you have gathered all the necessary parts. And all for about $50, a savings of about $80 that can go to pay for the actual signs. Not too bad for a D.I.Y. project.

Congratulations! Here is the finished Sign Stapling Device:

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